Meet our 0/0 turf seed lineup, where "0/0" means no weeds or unwanted crop seeds. This ensures you get the cleanest and most effective seed for a pristine lawn. Our rigorous standards mean you won't find any unwelcome guests like orchardgrass or clover in your turf.

When choosing turf seed, ensure the mix has "other crop" levels below 0.5 percent and "weed seed" levels below 0.3 percent to maintain purity and quality. "Other crop" refers to seeds like orchardgrass or clover that could become unwanted intruders in your lawn, while "weed seed" includes seeds from plants typically regarded as weeds. Carefully selecting seeds prevents contamination and promotes a healthy, aesthetically pleasing turf.

Introducing our top turf seeds: Artimuss, Poseidunn, and Calypsow. Artimuss brings you some of the best tall fescue varieties for those who value both toughness and aesthetics. Poseidunn is designed for resilience and incorporates Kentucky Blue Grass to handle environmental stresses while maintaining a lush, vibrant appearance. Calypsow flourishes in challenging conditions, making it ideal for those who require a hardy turf seed variety.

These rebranded varieties are premium quality and bring a fresh identity that reflects their unique traits. Choose our 0/0 turf seeds for a beautiful and resilient lawn.

0 crop, 0 weed
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0/0 Turf seed

The term "0/0" signifies "zero weed - zero crop seed." Special precautions are implemented to maintain the cleanliness of the turf field, ensuring that no unwanted seeds or other crop seeds contaminate the pure seed.

Other crop indicate the percentage by weight of seeds that are grown as cash crops. They can include undesirable plants such as orchardgrass, redtop bentgrass, or even clover. In general, look for other crop levels below 0.5 percent to avoid contamination of your new turf with undesirable persistent grasses or broadleaf crop plants.

Weed seed includes all other seed found in the sample that is not considered pure seed or other crop. It includes seed of plants commonly considered to be weeds. Look for weed seed levels below 0.3 percent in quality mixes.

Weeds and other crop seeds