Welcome to Heritage Cares, the heart of Heritage Landscape Supply Group's commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. As the philanthropic arm of HLSG, Heritage Cares focuses on enriching lives through support for local initiatives, veteran organizations, and disaster relief efforts. Our mission is to build stronger communities by leveraging the strength of our network to make a meaningful impact. Through a combination of fundraising events, volunteer activities, and direct support, we strive to embody the values of service and responsibility that are at the core of what we do. Join us in making a difference—one project at a time.

Heritage Landscape Supply Group

SRS Distribution Inc established the Raise the Roof Foundation in 2012, with the guiding principle of "And Give Back." We are dedicated to leveraging our business expertise and resources to assist those in need in the communities where we operate, addressing our nation's most pressing challenges. These three small words that define our mission carry a significant promise to support our three primary pillars: assisting veterans, aiding in disaster relief, and serving local communities.

SRS Raise the Roof Foundation and Heritage Cares are committed to giving back through the time, talents, and resources of our branch and corporate team members across the country. We are also grateful for the generous donations from our supporters, including customers, suppliers, vendors, employees, and friends of our foundation who open their hearts to our mission. To us, it's as simple as "And Give Back!"

If you feel moved to contribute, below are several ways to support the Heritage Cares Foundation. We sincerely appreciate your support!


Contact us and a team member from Heritage will contact you shortly.