Heritage Artificial Turf (H.A.T.) stands out as the leading choice for artificial turf, available at Heritage Landscape Supply Group branches nationwide. Each turf variant is meticulously designed with the user's needs in focus, ensuring optimal effectiveness in its intended application.

Years of trials and research have gone into creating our exclusive turf collection, resulting in superior quality that surpasses all other options available in the market. When you choose H.A.T., you are choosing the finest in artificial turf, ensuring that your projects are truly 'A Cut Above!' Learn why you should choose a H.A.T. product

We recognize the importance of selecting the ideal turf for your client, which hinges on factors like their location, intended use, and the individuals or activities that will engage with the turf. We provide a range of product lines to help you choose wisely. Each product is tailored for specific categories to meet your needs effectively.

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Heritage Landscape Supply Group

Applications: The Key to Artificial Turf Success

Finding the right turf for the right application is crucial to achieving outstanding results. Explore our tailored solutions to ensure you select the perfect turf for your needs:

Landscape Turf - This top-notch turf is ideal for residential lawns. Rest assured, your project will showcase premium, PFAS-Free turf that flawlessly emulates natural grass.

Commercial Turf - Our long-lasting products endure the test of time, retaining their pristine appearance well beyond installation. Safety is our top priority, reflected in our thorough third-party testing to ensure our turf is free from PFAS.

Golf Turf -Transform your customer's outdoor space into a golfing oasis with superior attention to detail. Our PFAS Free products are crafted to match every golfer’s needs. Whether you are looking for a conversation piece or a tour-grade quality putting green, you can bring their golf game home!

Pet Turf - Our artificial turf is specifically designed with pets in mind. Our products are engineered to resist absorption, drain quickly with an industry-leading drainage rate of 505 gallons per hour per square yard, and boast extra durability, all while being PFAS-free.

Sports Application Turf -With our extensive range of products, we have everything you need for your next sports application, whether indoor or outdoor. Our range of turf boasts superior durability, capable of withstanding whatever you throw, hit, or slide on them. Keep your customers and athletes safe with our PFAS-Free turf.

Playground Turf - Ensure your turf installation is safe for all with our PFAS-Free turf. Featuring unrivaled natural colors, your project will stand out above the rest. Our fibers are designed to withstand high-traffic family or playground play, ensuring your project maintains its pristine appearance from installation onward.


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Discover the H.A.T. Family of Products: Tailored Solutions for Every Project

Royal Family

Explore our premium line crafted with industry-leading quality standards. Ideal for customers who want the best of the best for residential applications for their family and pets. This family of products can also be used as a fringe around putting greens. Not recommended for extreme high traffic applications such as school playgrounds.

Tall Fescue Family

Experience the natural beauty of our Tall Fescue Family, meticulously crafted to replicate the lush aesthetic of natural tall fescue grass found on the East Coast and Midwest. The rich, darker green tones of our Tall Fescue have gained popularity nationwide, making it a top choice for both commercial and residential settings. Perfect for customers seeking kid and pet-friendly solutions, our Tall Fescue products (like the TF 75) offer exceptional versatility. Additionally, this turf is an excellent option for creating a realistic 1st and 2nd cut of rough around putting greens.

Non-Directional (ND) Family

The Future is here! Discover the game-changing innovation of our Non-Directional (ND) Family. Designed to revolutionize the industry, ND turf allows installers to work faster and reduce waste by eliminating the grain and direction found in traditional artificial turf. The various options in this family are defined by their face weight or density of fibers, ensuring you have the perfect choice for any project. Our ND products also feature our KwikFlow backing, boasting an industry-leading drainage rate of 505 gallons per hour per square yard. Ideal for both commercial and residential settings, ND turf is perfect for creating kid- and pet-friendly spaces. When you need to design contrast around putting greens, the ND Family is your ultimate solution.

Coronado Family

The Coronado product line features a soft, thin denier polyethylene face fiber with advanced features like heat reduction technology and a three-dimensional cross-section to improve viability. Coronado turf is ideal for customers seeking reliable solutions for both commercial and residential settings. Tailored for those needing kid- and pet-friendly turf, Coronado also provides excellent surfaces for creating 1st and 2nd cuts of rough around putting greens.

Golf Family

Discover our premier selection of artificial golf turf, meticulously designed by golfers, for golfers. With your golfing experience at heart, each product is tailored for optimal surface quality, speed, and color precision. Perfect for residential, commercial, or driving range settings, these products are specifically tailored for golf-related applications.

Rye Family

Quality meets affordability! Designed to mimic the aesthetic of natural rye grass, the Rye Family offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. Our Desert Rye allows you to replicate the look of rye grass from the Southwestern United States, while our Winter Rye offers the appearance of overseeded rye during the winter months. Ideal for both commercial and residential settings, Rye turf is perfect for customers seeking kid- and pet-friendly solutions. Additionally, this product line provides excellent surfaces for creating fringes around putting greens, ensuring top performance at an accessible price.

Play Family

Created for active use, the Play Family turf is resilient to heavy traffic and offers excellent impact absorption. From Bocce ball to indoor sports, soccer fields to agility training, school playgrounds to gymnasiums, we've got your game covered!

Pet Family

Our Pet Family products are designed with love and a deep understanding of your four-legged kids. We know what it takes to reduce odor and keep them happy. All our pet products feature our industry-leading KwikFlow Antimicrobial backing, allowing 505 gallons per hour per square yard of drainage.

We are so experienced that we even offer solutions for spaces shared by both two-legged and four-legged kids. Yes, we are that advanced! Our Heritage Pet Play is also the #1 option for putting green fringes, ensuring versatility and top performance.

Heatshield Family

The Heatshield Family stands out in the industry as one of the few products that won't melt due to reflective surfaces. Our 100% nylon Heatshield comes with a NO-MELT guarantee (against melting caused by reflective surfaces), making it an ideal solution for both commercial and residential settings. Choose Heatshield for unparalleled durability and peace of mind.