Heritage Commercial Services / GRIDS

Heritage Commercial Services/GRIDS (HCSG) collaborates with contractors at every stage of commercial projects. Our services include:

  • Identifying opportunities or leads
  • Preparing detailed takeoffs
  • Creating irrigation designs to aid in the bidding and preconstruction process
  • Developing irrigation as-builts to complete the final installation
  • Building submittals for accurate product selection
  • Providing O&M (Operations & Maintenance) manuals to ensure operational longevity

Our takeoff and designs are presented with comprehensive bids and materials lists for irrigation, lighting, fencing, drainage, synthetic turf, and (coming in 2024) hardscape and stone.

All projects and proposals are uploaded to our online platform, GRIDs. This site offers transparency into project progress, options to review and interact with the team, and access to all project documents in real time.




Our dedicated HCSG team supports you from project submission to bid completion, working closely with your local Territory Manager to ensure all necessary resources are available for effective bidding.

In 2024, we introduced unique icons for project takeoffs and designs, representing our 32+ distinguished brands across Heritage Landscape Supply Group. These symbols signify our expertise, rich heritage, and pride in our brands.

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