Heritage Landscape Supply Group

Heritage Artificial Turf (H.A.T.) is a superior artificial turf solution designed for modern environmental standards and user safety. H.A.T. offers the complete range of products for every application in the industry.

It originated from the Imperial Synthetic Turf line. And as two lines have become one, Heritage continues to produce this innovative product line for professional customers.

All H.A.T. products are committed to ecological responsibility and free from PFAS, ensuring safety for users and the environment. This turf is engineered for durability and aesthetics and features an antimicrobial backing that inhibits bacterial growth and maintains a fresh and new appearance over time.

H.A.T. is crafted with cutting-edge, heat-reducing yarns and rigorously tested for durability. It supports healthier, chemical-free landscapes by reducing the need for pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. It's designed by professionals for professionals, ensuring every installation is top-notch in both aesthetics and function. H.A.T. is the go-to for synthetic applications with unmatched quality, safety, and environmental benefits.

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