Elevate your turf with our Gravity® SL PGS-enhanced turf seed for unrivaled growth and durability. Experience rapid germination and robust health, ideal for demanding professional and commercial environments. Our rigorously selected seeds promise 0/0 purity—zero weed, zero crop seed contamination—ensuring pristine turf quality. Utilize our Turf Tech Tool for tailored seed selection, optimizing performance with minimal inputs. Choose Heritage for superior turf resilience and beauty, backed by our commitment to purity and excellence.

Heritage Landscape Supply Group

Zero Crop/Zero Weed

Meet our 0/0 turf seed lineup, where "0/0" means no weeds or unwanted crop seeds. This ensures you get the cleanest and most effective seed for a pristine lawn. Our rigorous standards mean you won't find any unwelcome guests like orchardgrass or clover in your turf.

Heritage Landscape Supply Group


The Heritage PPG Turf Tech Tool filters millions of turf seed data points in seconds to find species that best meets individual and regional needs. High disease resistance. Drought resistance. Fine texture. Spring green-up. Select and rank the attributes that matter most to you. The Turf Tech Tool dashboard filters 20 million data points and nearly 1,500 turf seed varieties from the National Turfgrass Program’s (NTEP) independent database. Find turfgrass species with the attributes you need based on data – not guesswork.