Why choose HAT?

Simply the best Team in the industry, the most complete range of products, and all the information & knowledge you need to succeed.

Is synthetic turf here to stay?

Yes, absolutely! Synthetic turf is the fastest-growing segment in the landscape industry, expanding from nothing to 450 million square feet in 2023.

Is artificial turf only a drought alternative?

Not at all! It has become a lifestyle choice. For example, Texas and Florida are the #3 and #4 biggest synthetic turf states in the US, despite having plentiful rain. People choose synthetic turf because they want safe, clean, and green environments.

Is synthetic turf a viable business?

Yes, it boasts a high profit margin and the industry has tremendous growth ahead.

How do I learn how to install artificial turf projects?

Sign up for one of our installation classes and let us train you.

How do I choose the correct product for the correct application?

Visit our 'Choose My Turf' section to find the perfect turf for your needs.

Why so many choices?

Our aim is to cater to every need, budget, and application. We want to ensure you never have to settle for a 'take it or leave it' situation.

What is up with all the different colors?

We offer a complete color range to suit your customers' preferences: Spring (brighter greens), Late Summer (darker greens), and Summer Blend (a mix of both).

Is there a pet-specific artificial turf?

Yes, choose carefully! You want a product where urine flows through the turf and into the base material quickly. Use our products with the KwikFlow backing system.

Explain the different putting green surfaces to me?

We are golf specialists! Different needs require different solutions:

  • For a conversation piece, choose Heritage Augusta Putt.
  • For hitting balls from 40 yards (or less) with good ball hold, choose Heritage Poa Annua.
  • For the purest putting surface, choose Heritage Tour Grade.
  • For hitting balls from 40+ yards, choose Heritage Long Game.